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Learn about Sales as a System
Leading a sales team is much more than showing up in office and 'cowboying' your sales reps. If your efforts and motivational speeches don't translate to goal achievement, it's a waste.
My courses enable you to visualise sales as a system - a network of interconnected activities with clear cause and effect. After doing my course, you will know which 'buttons' to push to achieve your goals and how to push them. You will learn how to use various elements of the sales system - like sales funnel, automation, revenue projections, customer segmentation, goal setting, hiring, training, sales rep compensation, incentives, sales reviews, etc - to consistently achieve your goals.
Steepen your sales learning curve
Let's face it. Your organisation isn't serious about your learning. Their interest in your upskilling is visible in the amount of budget spent on your training (how much is it ?).You'd rather wrest control of your own learning.
My courses help you learn the methods and techniques of successful sales execution that are already popular and effective across various industries. I have been able to compile these because I worked as a consultant to several companies across industries. What other managers learn after many years on the job, you can learn by doing my courses.
Develop a consultant's mindset
Not many will tell you this but it's difficult to be a successful sales leader without developing a consultant's mindset. Consultants are much sought after because they have the ability to analyse data and develop insights which are usually blind spots for organisations.
My courses help you develop a consultant's mindset by familiarising you on how to use data to your advantage. It also covers what data to look at, when to look at it, how to process that data, frequently used metrics in sales management and typical insights. By the time you are done with my courses, your sales vocabulary will become a bit like a consultant's.
Avoid embarrassment in front of your leadership team
When things go south in terms of revenue, the sales leaders are the first ones to face the heat from the leadership team of the organisation. This is never a pleasant experience and shatters self-confidence.
My courses help you anticipate what leadership teams expect and how to effectively manage your bosses / superbosses so that you avoid such embarrassing situations.
Earn a reputation as a great leader
Sales is a high pressure as well as an emotional job. It can get exhausting and difficult to consistently keep your team's motivation above danger levels while also expecting them to outperform regularly.
My courses help you (a) understand aspects of sales rep motivation that are under your control (and those that aren't) and (b) take a realistic look at how to get the best out of a sales rep in the short time they spend at your organisation. The result is that you will earn the respect of your team members as an assertive yet compassionate leader.
Achieve your goals consistently
It's unlikely that you will achieve your goals every month or quarter. However, you can strategise in a way that you are consistent in achieving your goals. Consistency may not mean that you are smashing the ball out of the park every month. It simply means that you will get the organisation what you promised without too many fluctuations throughout the year. Consistency of your performance means reliability for your leadership team. That makes you an asset for them.
My courses help you organise your efforts in a way that you can consistently achieve your goals without too many ups and downs. You will be able to forecast your sales pipeline in a way that you are assured of achieving your targets consistently.
Ace Sales Interviews 
There are no shortcuts to acing sales interviews. This is especially true as you progress in your sales career to more complex roles. The most reliable way of making a great impression in a sales interview is to demonstrate your knowledge and depth in the subject of sales. For that, you need to gain knowledge about a role that you haven't done before.
My courses help you gain that knowledge even before you have done that role. When such knowledge is demonstrated in interviews it leaves the impression that you know what to implement in your future role. It also makes you come across as a professional with conviction about your point of view. This conviction usually translates to success in sales interviews.
Gain confidence for your future roles and jobs
You are about to start a new role in your company or a new job in your sales career. You are new to the company, product, market as well as the organisation. Your bosses are watching your every move. It can be overwhelming. You need confidence to sail through this stage.
My courses help you gain that much needed confidence when you are in a new sales environment. The frameworks, methods, techniques and skills that you will learn as part of my courses will serve as guidelines which can be applied in any sales environment, irrespective of the nature of the market, product or organisation.
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