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I spent most of my career practicing B2B sales.


However, I was pushed to the limits while building the sales system almost from scratch for a fast growing start-up in India (Zomato). It was complex, fast, exhausting yet full of learning.


Thereafter, I founded my own company that worked in the B2B sales consulting and B2B sales lead generation space (Sales Design Institute). I spoke to ~ 300 founders and worked with ~ 50 founders to understand their sales challenges first hand. My work here helped me understand common patterns of sales related problems and their solutions as well.

Now, I offer sales courses which draws upon my past experience. The objective is to help sales reps and managers fast-track their career by helping them learn how to build sales systems and teams without too much trial-and-error.

I teach what I have tried and has worked for me. I don't teach what I haven't tried myself.

You can reach me at

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Saurabh Sengupta

Sales Educator & Practitioner

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